Admissions Welcome

Admissions Welcome

SSM-FC understand choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decision you would make in your life.

Come visit us. Browse through our website. Drop us an email.

The admissions team will gladly arrange a school visit or a Skype talk with one of our academic leaders. We will guide you through the curriculum and the admissions process.

Admissions timeline:

We accept students from different background without discrimination. New students can join SSM-FC throughout the academic year subject to space availability.

The average application processing time is about one week after we have received all the necessary documents.

We accept admissions of new students throughout the academic year subjected to space availability.

Age Guideline:

The table below indicates our age guideline. The age/ date indicated is a general guideline for grade level entry. We understand that children are coming from different educational systems and varying developmental stages. SSM-FC will consider acceptance of students below or above the indicated age if the child is eligible. The school reserves the right to decide on the grade level of a child. Students joining our Early childhood education program must be completely toilet trained.

English Language Requirement:

Student whose native language is not English or is coming from a school where the language of instruction is not English, is required to sit for Online english testing.

Early Childhood Education: No formal testing

Elementary School : EAL support will be given to students who do not meet the required English level.  The online English test might be done in the Admissions Office or off-site (e.g., in the student’s school or home).

Middle School : Students must meet the minimum language requirement to gain entry to the grade level.  As part of Admissions process, online English testing is required.

High School: All high students must meet the required English proficiency. Limited support is available for students who require EAL. Online English testing will be required during time of Admissions.

Learning Needs Requirement:

We will make the effort to cater to individual learning needs. We can accept students with learning needs as long as we have the resources to adequately support his/her academic needs.

SSM-FC management reserves the right to accept or reject an application. There might be a situation where we might not have adequate resources to support a child’s special need. Having the child’s best interest in mind, we might decline an application.