Message from Head of School

We shall not cease from exploration” T.S.Eliot

 We all know that education is important. Yet many of us have also realised that the demands of our world mean that we shall not stop learning even when we leave school or college.


Therefore, school has to prepare students well for this life of learning. It is not enough for school students to learn materials in a rigorous academic curriculum. We have to teach our students how to learn; which means how to adapt, to assimilate new experiences, new understanding and new relationships in a world that is changing faster than ever.


This is the vision that our school in Forest City brings from its home campus in Faribault, Minnesota, USA. We are opening a new school that is enriched by over 150 years of experience and expertise in education. We bring to Malaysia a unique philosophy of learning that, in the words of our School President, Nick Stoneman: “challenges our students to discover their leadership skills, to re-connect with their creative side that was so present when they were young, to learn how to collaborate, to act as contributing members of a community and to navigate the waters of adolescence”


In 2018, we are a new school in Forest City, Malaysia. Yet we are not new to the experience of running one of the finest independent boarding schools in the United States, a school which opens its doors to Malaysia and the world with a spectacular new campus in a unique island setting.


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Graham Gamble

Head of School
Shattuck-St. Mary’s School, Forest City, Malaysia